Perfect Fuel chocolate packs a lot of benefits into one bite. 

Eat Perfect Fuel Chocolate in the morning, afternoon, or 30 min before a workout to give you the long lasting endurance you need from natural ingredients. Endurance Chocolate is the perfect combination of nutritious cocoa with an added benefit of ginseng, coffee bean or espresso.


chocolate-benefits2Dark Chocolate (Cacao)

Filled with many nutrients, chocolate is a Super-Food containing high levels of flavonoids. Chocolate is made by grinding cacao beans, which we source from Latin America. Studies show that dark chocolate may be good for: 

Stress  |  Blood pressure  |  Circulation  |  Overall mood




Get Ginseng Fuel Bites

Ginseng has been used for centuries to energize and as an adaptogen. We use the ground root in our product.

These studies show the effect ginseng may have on:


Chia Seed

Get Chia Fuel Bites

A super food, these small black seeds are high in fiber, antioxidants, and Omega-3s. Used by the Mayan, chia seeds provide a satisfying crunch to the Energy Bite.

These studies show the effect chia may have on:

Coffee Bean

Get Espresso Fuel Bites

Our espresso beans are expertly roasted, ground, and freshly added to our Energy Bites. The flavor is intoxicating and the caffeine powerful.

These studies show the effect coffee, and caffeine may have on:



Check out our Cacao Library to learn more about dark chocolate.