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How To Be an Awesome Partner

There are many times in life when you must be a good partner. You can have a romantic partner, a friend, a customer partner, a vendor partner, a business partner, or a brand partner. I believe all these relationships are important and often, they are not given the attention they deserve. I wanted to outline 5 key aspects to a good business partnership, specifically a brand partner. Many of these are transferable to other types of partnerships, and all of them build the most important ingredient to a successful partnership, trust.


In today’s busy world it’s easy to disregard emails, or put off writing them. We are all deluged by emails every day, and by most accounts they are a huge waste of time. Still, in order to make progress and align goals, good communication needs to happen. I believe it was Oscar Wilde that said, “I would have written you a shorter letter but I didn’t have enough time.” Take the time to communicate in effective and thoughtful ways. To do this we must also listen. Communication is a two-way street, if you’re not getting feedback, ask for it. We should always be confirming that we know what our objectives are and how we plan to achieve them, making sure that our strategies are aligned with the people with whom we are working.


If you are working on an outward facing campaign, chat it up, create content that includes both partners. This captures a lot of value for both brands as you work together. If this is an internal campaign it never hurts to give a shootout for individuals to their superiors. Doing this will make it more likely that you will work together going forward, which is the objective of any partnership.


I have to admit, this one is borrowed from the romantic relationship category, but very applicable to business partnerships as well. As a plan is executed it is always good to receive affirmation and encouragement that we are on the right track and doing a good job. This relates to communication, but it’s not just that you are communicating, it’s what you are communicating as well. Positive reinforcement and affirmations are often overlooked, and please don’t get yourself into the criticism spiral. There are always things to criticize, and once one party begins, it sets the other party off: “well they said that, but they never did this so I don’t feel bad.” It is an easy route to get your wheels spinning and is counterproductive. Always express your gratitude at getting to work together in a productive environment.

Take Action

Do not be afraid! To get things going you must go out there and poke, or build, or knock on doors. Some of the greatest plans were never executed because the first action steps were not taken. Once the ball is rolling it is much easier to keep things going but it is the first and second steps that can be intimidating. Eat a Perfect Fuel to sike yourself up and make that first call. Be an action person, and an executer. I’m reminded of this fantastic dance party, started by one brave soul, or the book Just Start, by Len Schlesinger and Charles Keifer. You cannot start a movement without first moving.

Set Expectations

Another key part of the communications piece is to set expectations up front. It may even take some discovery but goals and gains for both parties should be discussed. This can take the form of a contract or something less formal, but must be communicated. Again, this goes back to aligning strategies. Follow the typical frameworks for SMART goal setting.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound

To read more in-depth on partnerships and affiliate marketing I recommend Bob Glazer’s book Performace Parnerships.

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