Race For A Better Heart

Running is fun.

Running a race is even more fun.

Lately, I’ve been averaging 1 road race a month and my times are getting better and better.  I’ll give all the credit to the Perfect Fuel Chocolate I’ve been eating, but I’ve also been running more, which feels great.  When I think about these organized races there is always an internal conflict.  On one side: Why am I paying money to run? And on the other: It’s invigorating, motivating, and it’s great to run with a community and for a cause.

These are the races that I’ve run in the last 5 months, and ones you might want to put on your calendar for the upcoming year:

The Cruickshank 5K: Named after a great man, Bill Cruickshank, this is an annual Babson College run, and being a Babson Alum, I’m definitely making it a tradition.  It happens mid-October starting and ending on campus but mostly running through some hilly bits of Wellesley.  This was my first race barefoot.  With unknown, and sometimes shocking terrain, I ran it at 25:10:00.

The Hot Chocolate 5K: America’s sweetest race is really crowded.  Expect to have fun, but don’t expect to run your best time.  These are a series of runs happening across the US in Chicago, Denver, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, and Hottlanta.  I ran the Chicago event because I’ve got lots of friends in Chicago, and it’s the greatest city in the US.  In fact, I had 3 friends run this event with me. I came in 5134th place.

The Hangover Classic: This is the best way to ring in the New Year.  The run is on January 1st, in Salisbury Mass.  It is a great run along the beach with good vibes and a dip in the ocean to end it- brrrrrilliant. I ran this race in 22:39:00, shaving off a few minutes from the Cruickshank run.

The Not-Hyannis Half Marathon: This was the first ever of its kind, set up and sponsored by our company. On February 26, we produced a very informal race with about 15 runners, and it rocked! Perfect Fuel Chocolate hopes to spruce it up next year.  The Esplanade, Back Bay, the Fens, and even Bunker Hill, this 13+ mile run was a blast.

Super Sunday 5 Miler: The folks over at RACEMENU are terrific and this is one of the many races they put on.  A race through Cambridge with lots of vendors and a big frigg’n party to end it.  This is a great run to get a team together and wear uniforms and cheer each other on.  Mostly because RACEMENU has great announcers.  I ran the 5 miles with 6:52 splits.  Faster and faster, here I go.

An Ras Mor: Perfect Fuel Chocolate was enjoying the mood at this Cambridge race.  I ran and chatted with a friend during this run and man it was awesome.  Ran it in 20:30 with 6:33 splits.

And let’s not forget the upcoming races: the Boston Barefoot Running Festival April 14, 15 and then the great Boston Marathon on April 16.  I hope everyone gets to take part in these epic events.

All of these races used proceeds from the events to sponsor great causes.  In short, I recommend all runners to take part in races to warm up both your legs and your heart.


Written by: Miles Masci, Director of Chocologistics